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Atlanta Construction Services for Restoration Projects

Has your home or business property experienced fire, smoke or water damage? At Design Core Construction, we provide expert construction solutions during the restoration process. Our specialized construction team has over 30 years of collective experience in bringing damaged properties back to life. From a business premises or healthcare facility to a house or multi-family residence, we provide comprehensive restoration services throughout the Atlanta area.

Atlanta construction company for restorations.

Atlanta Commercial and Residential Construction Restoration Services

Each year, countless businesses, medical facilities and residential buildings face extensive damage from water leaks, mold, fires and other hazards. As part of a full building rehab, our expert team restores and rebuilds critical infrastructure to deliver a safe, attractive space that’s built to last.

Healthcare Construction for Restoration

The ability to provide consistent, safe and ongoing patient care is critical to any healthcare facility, including doctors’ offices, medical clinics, hospitals and surgical centers. Following major damage from fire, flooding and other events, we provide fast, knowledgeable healthcare construction work that will minimize operational downtime.

Our specialized team works to reconstruct damaged patient rooms, labs and operating suites, rebuild vital infrastructure like electrical and HVAC systems, perform thorough contents restoration work to recover and restore essential medical equipment and documentation – and more.

Commercial Construction for Restoration Projects

Unexpected disasters cause vast amounts of damage to stores, offices and light industrial spaces every year. Facing loss of income and damaged stock and equipment, commercial enterprises need expert help to tackle superficial and structural damage with minimal disruption to business operations.

At Design Core Construction we’re prepared for every type of construction required during a restoration project. Our team can reconstruct workspaces and retail areas, ensuring power, communications, plumbing and other services are restored. In the event of large-scale damage, we also provide demolition services in preparation for the reconstruction phase.

Residential Restoration Construction Solutions

After any flooding, fire, smoke and mold damage, the safety of Atlanta area residents remains a priority. To ensure the stability and security of the building, we integrate high-quality residential construction work into comprehensive restoration projects. For example, after severe water damage, our water loss restoration service can alleviate exterior issues while reconstruction work tackles more compromised structures.

Our team will perform a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the building is safe from the foundation on up. Whether the property requires targeted construction work at the point of damage, or demolition and reconstruction of a room or floor, we have the expertise and experience to remedy every issue.

Common Questions About Construction Services

The time required to complete construction projects varies depending on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs could take days, while significant damage could extend over weeks or months. Speak with our team to discuss your requirements.
Various factors determine whether a business can remain open during construction work. The extent and location of the damage, potential hazards to employees and staff, noise disruptions and local regulations are all considered when making a decision.
Due to the individual nature of every restoration project, cost will vary. Factors like labor, materials and construction requirements will influence the total cost. Our team can inspect the damage and advise further.

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Design Core Construction is a trusted provider of construction services during the restoration process. Contact us now to discuss our commercial, healthcare, and residential construction services or call (470) 763-0732 today.

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