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Atlanta Commercial, Industrial and Residential Restoration Services

Design Core Construction is a trusted provider of restoration services in the Atlanta area. With decades of combined commercial general contractor experience, we have tackled a range of complex restoration projects in the commercial and residential sectors. Covering water damage restoration, asbestos abatement, fire and smoke damage and much more, our skilled team is equipped for restorations of all kinds. Count on Design Core Construction for knowledgeable and client-focused property restoration.

Expert Property Restoration Services for the Atlanta Area

Property damage comes in many forms, and often leads to costly and time-consuming problems for businesses and property owners. At Design Core Construction we recognize that each client faces their own unique challenges, and benefits greatly from a tailored approach. Here are just some of the restoration services we provide.


Following fire, smoke, water and other types of damage, our expert team steps in to restore and rebuild your property. We go beyond simple repairs, integrating quality materials and craftsmanship into our construction service to ensure your rebuilt property is safe, comfortable – and even better than before.

Water Loss

Water damage can wreak havoc on your property’s appearance and structure. Our water loss restoration service is designed to promptly and effectively alleviate water damage, preserving your property’s integrity and reducing potential long-term issues such as mold growth.

Mold Remediation

If left untreated, mold can both damage your property and pose significant health risks. Our mold remediation service identifies, isolates and eliminates mold, restoring your property to a safe and clean state. We use industry-leading techniques and quality equipment to ensure a thorough mold removal process.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos (a dangerous carcinogen) requires expert handling for safe removal. Our asbestos abatement service ensures that a commercial property, multi-family house, condo or other type of building is free of this hazardous material. To prevent long-term health issues, we follow strict safety protocols and regulations to ensure the safe and efficient removal of asbestos.

Infection Control & Prevention

Maintaining a healthy environment is a critical aspect of property management. Our infection control and prevention service skillfully minimizes the risk of infection within your property. We create clean, hygienic and safe spaces utilizing top-tier sanitization products and methods.

Contents Restoration

When disasters happen it’s not only the building that is damaged – equipment and belongings are impacted as well. Our contents restoration service recovers and restores important assets from the damage caused by fire, water or mold.


Whether you need to clear a site for new construction or remove unsafe structures post-disaster, our demolition service is here to help. We adhere to all safety regulations, ensuring responsible and efficient demolition with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Areas of Expertise in Property Restoration

At Design Core Construction, our restoration services extend to various types of properties.

Commercial Properties

Lengthy downtime is a significant challenge for any business operation. However, thanks to our rapid, efficient restoration services tailored to commercial properties, we reduce disruptions and get your business back on track. Restoration services are available for commercial operations such as office buildings, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, retail spaces, warehouses and more.

Multi-Family Properties

We understand the complexities involved in restoring multi-family properties. Our team is experienced in managing and executing large-scale restoration projects, ensuring every unit is habitable, comfortable and safe once again. Covering multi-family properties like apartment buildings, high-rises, townhouses, condos, mixed-use housing and more, you can trust our experts to deliver dependable restorations.

Common Questions About Our Restoration Services

Safety is a priority during restoration work of any kind. Before beginning work we identify the potential hazards, focusing on the safety of both workers and tenants. Examples of best practices include removing all debris, restricting access to work areas, safely disposing of hazardous materials and so on.

Each project will vary in duration due to the many variables involved in restoration. Our team can offer a more accurate assessment after considering the cause of the damage and the extent of the structural issues, as well as any additional construction services that may be required.

When a property is experiencing high levels of mold it’s best to work with mold remediation specialists. Professionals can prevent contamination of surrounding areas of the building and take steps to avoid the recurrence of mold. And importantly, our experts are properly equipped and trained to remediate mold safely.

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Design Core Construction is the leading name for commercial, industrial and residential restoration services in Atlanta. When you have experienced property damage or want to discuss commercial construction and remodeling, speak with our team to see how we can help. For more information, contact us for assistance now.

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