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At Design Core Construction, we provide healthcare construction services in the Atlanta area. Medical construction is a specialized field that requires an understanding of the industry, extensive research and solid experience. Our team brings a long history in the commercial construction industry together with an understanding of the needs of healthcare facilities and the patients they serve.

Our expertise includes hospitals and related structures for healthcare service providers. Through collaboration with hospitals, urgent care and medical providers, we are able to develop functional, efficient and smart facilities that help providers offer the best patient care.

Healthcare Construction Contractor Serving Atlanta

Healthcare construction projects require the skill and expertise of an Atlanta full-service general contractor, one capable of designing and constructing a complex healthcare facility such as a hospital. Healthcare providers need to know that the construction company they trust with their project can deliver on time, while carefully managing the budget. At Design Core Construction we carefully follow timelines while maintaining construction quality, ensuring the medical facility is completed without unnecessary delays.

Our knowledge of the medical construction field means we can develop a variety of healthcare offices and medical facilities, all depending on your needs. From an urgent care clinic to a remodel or an addition to an existing hospital facility, our team works meticulously to exacting standards.

Primary Healthcare Construction Services

Design Core Construction offers construction services for many healthcare projects.

ICRA Containment Barriers

When undertaking healthcare construction projects, patient safety is our top priority. To prevent airborne contaminants from affecting sensitive areas, we use infection control risk assessment (ICRA) barriers.

  • Plastic Barriers – We deploy lightweight, robust plastic barriers for immediate and short-term containment needs.
  • Hard Barriers – Our hard barriers offer durability for long-term projects, ensuring full containment and minimal disruption to healthcare operations.

ICRA Requirements

We strictly adhere to Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) standards in all our construction projects:

  • Supervision: Our experienced supervisors ensure the stringent implementation of ICRA standards.
  • Negative Air: We employ negative air machines to prevent airborne contaminants from spreading to unaffected areas.
  • Containment Cleaning: Meticulous cleaning within all containment areas is a priority during construction.

Patient Room Updates/Renovations

Our superior patient room updates and renovations focus on functionality and contemporary aesthetics. We breathe new life into these vital spaces, crafting environments that promote well-being.

Medical Office Suite Renovation/Customization

Work with our medical office suite renovation and customization specialists to transform conventional workspaces into environments that enhance productivity and the patient experience.

Abatement Services

We provide comprehensive abatement services, ensuring the safe removal of hazardous materials, including asbestos, lead and mold. Trust us to provide a compliant solution for your abatement needs.

Pre-Construction Planning

Every great construction project begins with a well-crafted plan. Our meticulous pre-construction planning services utilize cutting-edge technology to make sure your project is delivered on time, within budget – and beyond expectations.

OR Build-Outs

Operating rooms are the heart of any hospital, and we are adept at building efficient, state-of-the-art surgical suites. Our OR build-outs emphasize safety and comfort for optimal surgeon performance and patient care.

ER Renovations

We specialize in Emergency Room renovations, creating spaces that aid quick response times and medical team efficiency. From layout design to technology integration, we redefine ER spaces for the evolving needs of emergency care.

Common Healthcare Construction Examples

Healthcare buildings will share many similarities, but most will have individual requirements that require a personalized approach. At Design Core Construction, our team can adapt to your needs, whether that involves building from the ground up, performing a full rehab on an existing property, or providing a remodel for a healthcare provider. Here are some common examples of healthcare construction projects.

  • Hospitals – From small clinics to large medical centers, we execute projects that revolutionize healthcare delivery.
  • Physicians’ Offices – We produce contemporary spaces that enhance patient experience and physician productivity.
  • Medical Office Buildings – We provide comprehensive construction and renovation services for medical office buildings of any size and complexity.
  • Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Hospice Facilities – Experience nurturing environments that respect the unique needs of seniors.
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities – We develop spaces that encourage healing and manage nurses’ needs.
  • Surgical Centers – We create efficient, comfortable environments for both surgeons and patients.
  • Healthcare Centers – We offer construction for urgent care, rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging, outpatient surgery centers and other vital facilities.

While some projects require the construction of a brand new building, others involve working alongside medical staff at an office. The experienced team at Design Core Construction is accustomed to working in close proximity to others, and understands the need for staff and patient safety throughout the project. We always prioritize the work of staff, and encourage communication to ensure projects can proceed without impeding important patient care.

Important Factors to Consider in Healthcare Construction

Construction of healthcare facilities requires experience and detailed planning. The healthcare construction contractor you connect with will need to consider a number of important factors like these.

Durable Healthcare Facility Construction

Efficient healthcare construction will produce long-lasting buildings, structures that are less likely to require renovation work. Shortcuts in design and construction are not acceptable and can lead to operational disruptions, whether for a doctor’s office or medical clinic, and that can reduce the quality of patient care. Understanding this big picture means that we have dedicated our team to the highest standards of design and construction throughout each project.

Healthcare Construction Focusing on Efficiency and Navigation

As a trusted healthcare construction company, we recognize the need for efficient design. We collaborate with clients to develop logical and coherent layouts, factoring in distances between waiting areas, treatment rooms and other areas of a facility. This factor helps the facility operate more seamlessly, and can even positively affect patient well-being.

Good Medical Office Design Promotes a Sense of Well-Being

The physical structure and design elements used by a medical office can actually reduce patient stress and provide comfort. For a healthcare facility we can design a positive and welcoming location for patients based on the use of space and light, as well as colors, materials and other design choices.

Consider Accessibility During Healthcare Building Construction

At Design Core Construction, our construction team is in compliance with the ADA – the Americans With Disabilities Act – both during construction and upon completion of the finished structure. We follow ADA’s various requirements, including the need for accessible entrances, doors and paths of travel.

Prioritizing Cleanliness in Medical Clinic Design

Cleanliness is a key factor in operating a medical clinic, one that must be prioritized when considering the style and materials for a building dedicated to healthcare. Since hospital design can have a positive influence on hygiene, at Design Core Construction we focus on features that contribute to ease of cleaning and maintenance. Using durable, easy-to-clean materials in a hospital or clinic – and avoiding fixtures that easily accumulate dirt build-up – allows for efficient cleaning and top hygienic standards. 

Adaptable Healthcare Construction

The needs of a healthcare provider can change over time, and a medical construction project may need to address this. Factors such as room size, building layout and accessibility can be designed to allow flexibility where required. Our team is aware of the diverse needs important to healthcare providers, and can apply this knowledge from the earliest design stages.

Common Questions About Healthcare Construction

We always adhere to best practices for medical buildings and healthcare facilities, including all ventilation requirements. Ventilation ensures safe and comfortable conditions for patients, and the addition of the latest technology helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Yes. We can increase the available space in an existing healthcare facility by building new additions or converting existing areas where the space is not being fully utilized. Our team can recommend the best approach for additional space after inspecting your facility.

When considering a remodel for an existing healthcare building, you need to determine how much space you need, where your team will care for patients during the construction process, which interior and exterior features need to be upgraded – and the best time to get started on the project. Our team will work with you to create an optimum plan that covers all components of your medical office remodel.

We Are the Trusted Healthcare Construction Professionals

If you need help with a new healthcare construction project in Atlanta or a medical building remodel in the area, Design Core Construction is the general contractor to trust. Contact us for assistance today by calling (470) 763-0732.

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