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At Design Core Construction, we are experienced general contractors with a focus on commercial construction and remodeling. We work with Atlanta-based companies to create their perfect commercial space, from retail stores to office space and beyond. Collectively, our owners have over 3 decades of experience in the construction and remodeling sectors, bringing knowledge, skill, attention to detail – and a drive for excellence in everything we do.

Commercial Construction Services From Design Core Construction

At Design Core Construction we understand that each commercial project is different, and requires an adaptable, flexible approach. Our team is committed to delivering a custom end product that matches your vision. From smaller stores to larger commercial premises, we provide general contracting, construction management, plumbing, electrical services, full commercial remodels and more.

As full-service general contractors, our team can implement your ideas for a project from start to finish. Need a remodel for your store? We can transform your premises into an attractive and welcoming space. What about a comprehensive new construction for your business? Our team has the expertise to deliver that project, and you can be assured of high-quality results with best practices and safety procedures followed throughout.

Our Primary Commercial Construction Services

Here are some of the commercial construction services we have delivered for our Atlanta area clients.

Multi-Use Design Builds

Creating spaces that adapt to diverse needs requires skill and planning. We specialize in multi-use design builds that maximize utility and functionality without sacrificing appearance and comfort. Our innovative design approach delivers flexible and efficient spaces for a variety of uses, including those projects that combine retail, office and residential space.

White-Box Build-Outs

We provide quality white-box build-outs, transforming empty shells into spaces ready for custom finishings. With essentials like flooring, painted walls and basic utilities already in place, we will set the perfect canvas for you to design and furnish your business according to your unique requirements.

Tenant Renovations / Betterments & Improvements

Every business has a vision for its ideal workspace – and we make those visions a reality. Whether you’re looking for minor improvements or complete overhauls, our tenant renovations and betterments service offers the opportunity to customize your leased space to align with your business goals.


Work environments must adapt to the requirements of a business. We offer comprehensive remodeling services that transform outdated or inefficient properties into stylish, modern and efficient workspaces. We ensure minimal disruption, timely project delivery – and a final product appropriate for your brand identity.

Examples of Our Commercial Remodeling Work

These photos show the before, during and after stages of a commercial construction project. Many commercial projects require a great deal of planning and organization to ensure that deadlines are met. At all stages, our team works to provide good communication with clients regarding site access and timeline plus other important factors.

Types of Commercial Construction and Remodeling

At Design Core Construction, we can construct and renovate many types of commercial buildings. The following are some of our most popular commercial services.

  • Retail Stores
  • Light Commercial Construction
  • Office Remodels
  • Multi-Use
  • Hospitality
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Shipping Containers

Retail Stores

Retail spaces often need regular renovation or remodeling work to maintain the structure and also stay up-to-date when it comes to style and appearance. Of course, these businesses must balance the needs of the company with the importance of completing a remodel. Our team understands the time pressures that store owners are under, and will work efficiently to complete projects on time. We are highly proficient in commercial construction, remodeling and interior improvements, as well as in transforming a gutted site into a brand-new retail location.

Light Commercial Construction

Light commercial construction covers a wide range of small-scale projects with unique interior and exterior requirements. Buildings may need to be renovated, remodeled or constructed for offices, restaurants, leisure facilities, banks, doctors offices and small manufacturing spaces. The experience of our team members means we can adapt to all types of light commercial projects and even large-scale projects like building a healthcare facility or new hospital, ensuring expert construction and immaculate interior finishes.

Office Remodels

As each organization will have its own particular needs for an office remodel, we work in collaboration with these companies to deliver the results that meet their objectives. Our team’s solid experience equips us to manage everything from interior construction and finishes to electrical services and more. So whether you are remodeling your basement to build an office or converting storage space in your office building for offices, we can help. And of course, we maintain close communication with the client to minimize disruption and meet completion dates.


With our custom approach to retail, office and living space, the team at Design Core Construction creates dynamic multi-use spaces that balance functionality and aesthetics.


Hospitality requires a blend of comfort, style and efficiency. Whether for a hotel, restaurant or entertainment venue, we create a space that will leave a lasting impression on guests.


Our hotel construction services combine comfort and operational efficiency, creating a building that keeps guests coming back.


Let us construct a restaurant space to help deliver the perfect dining experience. From kitchen design for optimal food preparation to dining room layouts that improve the customer experience, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Shipping Containers

Embracing sustainability and innovation, we transform shipping containers into a wide array of stylish and durable commercial areas. Whether developing a pop-up shop, an office or a café, our remodeling skills will make the most of these versatile structures.

Important Factors to Consider During a Commercial Remodel

Before a commercial construction project can begin, the desired improvements are discussed and closely examined during the initial planning stages. You can get started with this process by asking the following questions.

  1. How can you make your retail space inviting to customers?
  2. Are your design choices likely to remain in style?
  3. Can your office remodel help encourage greater levels of productivity?
  4. Does your vision need to consider future growth and possible expansion?
  5. Can you reduce operational costs and become more sustainable?
  6. How can you make the best use of the available space?

Common Questions About Commercial Construction

Yes. As fully licensed commercial contractors we can advise you on both the necessary permits that may be required along with regulations that must be adhered to.

The type and scale of the work will determine whether items need to be moved during the commercial renovation. A large-scale construction project can require more space to safely bring it to completion. However, our team will advise on all requirements before work begins.

We recognize that the ability to continue operations during a commercial construction project is necessary for many businesses. We will always do our best to accommodate our client’s needs while also considering the safety and logistics of the project overall.

We Can Help With Commercial Construction and Remodeling Service Needs

At Design Core Construction we are your experienced, proven and trusted general contractors in the Atlanta area. To get help with your commercial construction project, including retail or office construction and renovation, contact us for assistance now by calling (470) 763-0732.

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